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Anointed Praze Network & Association

Statement of purpose:

  • To provide an organization for Gospel Artists who are Christians.
  • To promote the connection between spirituality, creativity, Gospel, and our faith in God.
  • To create a network/community that connects us together, so we can celebrate our musical gifts and share our resources with each other and others.
  • To provide an organization where we can promote, encourage, and maintain a market for Gospel Artists.     
  • To establish a visible internet presence that provides testimony, promotes evangelism, encouragement, strength, and support to other musicians/fans who are interested in Gospel.
  • To provide a central webpage where relevant material such as articles, interviews, Gospel education, music theory, and technique is made available for the benefit of others. 

Our network is a community that goes beyond music and unites us for a greater cause...spreading the good news that the Creator God has given us life, Jesus, salvation, and the gift of Gospel music to share and overflow to others.

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